Russell Woolf (updated: 12/11/2018)

As many of you already know, Remnants stalwart Russell Woolf has been dealing with some pretty serious health issues for some time now. Unfortunately he recently got test results back showing that the tumour on his lung has grown in size and, in his own words, "has a little companion". While this is obviously not good news Russ (and the amazing people at the NHS) are still fighting this every way they can.

Peter Leavens (updated: 17/05/2016)

It is sad to announce that Romsey Town cricketer Peter Leavens sadly passed away on September 17. Former Romsey players Stephen Ridley, Stephen Owen and Paul Bourchier attended Peter's funeral.

New recruit? (updated: 17/05/2016)

Marcelino Gopal and Natalia ??? are proud to announce the arrival of their new son: Castiel Gopal was born just before 8pm on Saturday, April 30. Castiel weighed in at an impressive 4.19 kg (that, for Nick Clarke's benefit, is 9.2 pounds) and both mum and son are doing well.

Russell Woolf (updated: 08/02/2015)

Romsey stalwart Russell Woolf has been struggling with a serious illness over the last few weeks. He was admitted to Papworth Hospital with masses on one kidney and one lung; the lung has been removed and the kidney will be. The first operation went as planned and, at the time of writing, Russ is recovering well on the ward. Most importantly, all his other organs are unaffected so Russ's long-term prognosis is good. Updates will be posted here when available, but if you would like more information, or want to pass a message onto Russ, please call Andy Owen on 01223 510357.

Ten-pin bowling evening (updated: 16/02/2014)

There will be a Romsey Town ten-pin bowling night on Thursday, February 20, from 7pm at the Ten Pin Cambridge Leisure Park, Clifton Way, Cambridge CB1 7DY. Please contact Andy if you would like to come.

2013 annual dinner (updated: 29/09/2013)

The 2013 annual dinner will be held on the evening of Saturday, October 26, 2013 at The Devonshire Arms in Devonshire Street, Cambridge. Dinner will be at 7:30pm for 8:00pm.

Updated records (updated: 29/05/2013)

The club records have been updated, with lots of new statistics, mostly related to season records, as well as individual contributions.

New web-site address (updated: 20/04/2013)

After being hosted by Imperial College London for many years, the Romsey web-site finally has a home of its own, at

Catherine Owen selected for the Cambridgeshire Young Cricketers under 17 girls squad. (updated: 10/01/2013)

Congratulations to Catherine Owen, who has been selected as part of the Cambridgeshire Cricket Board confirming that she has been selected to be part of Cambridgeshire Young Cricketers (CYC) under 17 girls squad. She will start training on Saturday at Fenner's Indoor Cricket School, with ten general sessions. She has been nominated to attend a CYC specialist squad spin bowling programme which will be led by Chris Brown, a level 4 coach and head coach for the Norfolk Cricket Board Emerging Player Programme.

Garry Owen (updated: 22/11/2012)

Romsey Town player Garry Owen passed away on Friday, November 16, 2012, aged 54 years. A loving brother, brother-in-law, uncle, cousin and friend. Funeral service, 2.15pm West Chapel, at Cambridge City Crematorium on Monday, December 3.

2012 annual dinner (updated: 23/09/2012)

The 2012 annual dinner will be held on the evening of Saturday, November 3, 2012 at The Cambridge Blue in Gwydir Street. Dinner will be at 7:30pm for 8:00pm, but we'll be meeting beforehand in Mickey Flynn's for pre-dinner drinks and pool lessons from Andy and Dave.

2011 annual dinner (updated: 16/01/2012)

The 2011 annual dinner was a great success, with twenty-odd Romsey players invading the back room of The Devonshire Arms for the evening. In-between the copious amounts of food and wine on offer, there were also a number of presentations made. As listed on the awards page, Nick Clarke took the batting award and the players' player of the year, Himanshu Agrawal won the bowling award, Daniel Mortlock won the scorer's award and Olly Rex won the new captain's award. (Given that the number of awards seems to be increasing at the rate of one per year, maybe next year we'll need the "most awards" award . . .)

Breakfast before the Flyford Flavell game (updated: 06/07/2011)

There'll be a team breakfast (full fry-up, etc.) at 9:45am at Wetherspoons on Regent Street before the Flyford Flavell game on Saturday, July 16. All welcome.

Nicky Mellish's scoring qualification (updated: 07/06/2011)

Romsey scorer Nicky Mellish, having been doing a correspondence scoring course for the last few years, has just got the results back from the ECB and she's now a qualified ECB Level One scorer, so congratulations to Nicky.

2011 nets (updated: 11/01/2011)

Nets have now been booked for 2011, in conjunction with Remnants. They will be held at the Hills Road sports centre from mid-March until late April. We have both nets for an hour from 9pm 'til 10pm on: Tuesday, March 15; Tuesday, March 22; and Tuesday, March 29 and then (at the same time) on: Wednesday, April 6; Wednesday, April 13; Wednesday, April 20. The first matches will be in the week starting Monday, April 25.

Charity donations (updated: 10/11/2010)

Led by Andy Owen, several members of Romsey Town Cricket Club playing in some charity cricket matches this year, with the GBP 150.00 going to both the Gynaecological Oncology Unit at Addenbrooke's Hospital and the Marie Curie Cancer Trust. We received the following nice thank-you letters from both organisations:

Annual dinner (updated: 10/10/2010)

The 2010 Romsey Town CC annual dinner will be held at The Devonshire Arms, at 7:30pm (for 8:00pm) on the evening of Saturday, October 30. You should have received e-mail invitations already, but if not, please contact Andy.

Post-season games (updated: 19/08/2010)

There might only be one more league game to go this year (next Saturday's match against Wilbrahams, after which there's be beer, pool and curry), but we now have three post-season matches on the fixture list. First-up is an afternoon game against Flyford Flavell on Saturday, August 28, although there's also a chance for a game playing for Flyford Flavell on Friday, August 27, as they're currently short a few players - please contact Andy if you'd like to play that day. Next there's a six-a-side tournament at Clare College on Sunday, September 5 which Romsey will be entering. Finally, the season will come to a hopefully grand end with a game between the Romsey Old Boys and the current generation at Fitzwilliam College on Saturday, September 11. So hopefully between these games there'll be a chance for everyone to have at least one more match for the season.

2009 shield (updated: 03/03/2010)

Romsey Town finally received its shield for winning CCA's Junior 4B league in 2009: the shiny result is available for your viewing pleasure either in Andy Owen's front hall or here.

Poker night at Mickey Flynn's (updated: 05/12/2009)

Mickey Flynn's American Pool Hall is hosting a Romsey Town Cricket Club poker night from 8pm on Wednesday, December 16. More details, such as format, prizes, entry-fee (if any) will be posted here in due course . . . and in due course it can now be reported that it'll be a Texas "hold 'em" tournament with an entry fee of GBP 5.00 which goes into a prize fund that will be divided between the last two or three players, dependent on how many entrants there are on the night. If you're interested in coming please contact Adrian or Nicky Mellish by phone on 01480 439279 or by e-mail at

Annual dinner (updated: 18/11/2009)

The Romsey Town annual dinner has now been and gone, with fifteen of the faithful drinking and eating their way from All Bar One to Crowne Plaza and finally, inevitably, to Mickey Flynn's. It was a great night, the central theme of which was the celebration of our league win. All the regular players got individual medals, although of course a few of us got some extra booty, Jon Steele adding the "players' player of the year" award to his batting prize, Andy Owen getting the bowling award and Daniel Mortlock somewhat predictably receiving his "ten years' service" medal. With that amount of bling it's perhaps surprising that we weren't mistaken for Jay-Z and his entourage, but the paparazzi stayed away leaving us to celebrate in peace.

Nicky Mellish (updated: 05/11/2009)

As most of you know our scorer Nickey Mellish has been struggling with some unidentified maladies for many years now - aside from diabetes there's been unexplained dizziness and fatigue. After half a decade of tests, there's finally a possibly definitive diagnosis of myalgic encephalomyelitis, otherwise known as chronic fatigue syndrome. This could be seen as just some fancy jargon, but it is a specific condition and does explain the fact that Nicky gets "profound and continued fatigue that does not go away with sleep or rest". The next step, of course, is to be able to use this information to provide relief and, hopefully, a cure. In the meantime Nicky will continue to score for Romsey, but will have to make sure she gets plenty of rest before getting out the coloured pens.

Annual dinner (updated: 15/10/2009)

The 2009 Romsey Town annual dinner will be held at The Crowne Plaza's Bloomsbury Restaurant at 7:30pm (for 8pm) on Saturday, November 14. Sadly our hard-won league shield won't be ready by then, but there will be the batting, bowling and "players' player of the year" awards, and plenty of success to celebrate. If you would like to come please contact Andy by, er, Friday, October 16 (before this message was put on the web-site).

Charity thank-you (updated: 05/09/2009)

We have received the following letter of thanks for our donation to The Gloucestershire Chest Fund:

Dear Mr Owen,

On behalf of Dr John Prior I am delighted to acknowledge receipt of your recent letter together with a cheque for GBP 240.00 in memory of the late Mr John Hill.

Will you please pass on our grateful thanks to the members of both cricket team for their most welcome support of our Fund.

I also understand that Mr Hill was being seen by Dr John Prior. John has been a Trustee of our Fund for nearly twenty years and is one of the leading thoracic chest consultants in the area. I will copy this letter to him and let him know of the generous support from both Romsey Town Cricket club and Remnants Cricket Club.

We are currently endeavouring to raise GBP 100,000.00 for special medical equipment to assist with the early diagnosis of lung cancer without the need for invasive surgery. I am sure the Trustees would like to allocate your generous donation to our latest fund raising project, if you have no objection.

Thank you once again for your support together with your best wishes for the continued success of the Fund.

Yours sincerely,
Terry Adams, Company Secretary

Post-season game (updated: 28/08/2009)

Romsey now has a post-season game against NCI starting at 11:30am, Saturday, September 12, on Parker's Piece. It will be a double innings Twenty/20 game (like the recent Romsey vs. Remnants game). If you would like to play please contact Andy.

Romsey wins the league (updated: 23/08/2009)

After Granta forfeited to us yesterday, Weston Colville II lost to Milton II, and so can't catch us in the league, no matter what the future results are. So, for the first time in nearly two decades, Romsey Town has won the league.

Granta forfeits; replacement game being organised (updated: 21/08/2009)

We were suposed to be playing Cambridge Granta V tomorrow but they had to concede the game when they couldn't get an eleven. As a result we're frantically trying to organise a replacement opposition from Rosmey players, Remnants players and anyone else. So if you want a game of cricket tomorrow please call Andy on 01223 510357.

Last-minute friendly (updated: 10/08/2009)

For reasons too boring to go into here, Romsey Town suddenly has a last-minute friendly against Remnants at 6pm on Wednesday, August 12. Andy will be ringing around for prospective players, but on the off-chance you're reading this before the game's happened and are interested in playing, call Andy right now!

League developments (updated: 02/08/2009)

Just because Romsey didn't have a game this weekend doesn't mean our league situation was static, as the other teams in the top half of the draw were all in action. Second-placed Weston Colville II, who were just 0.37 behind us after last week, had a nightmare against Cambridge Granta V, conceding 81 extras (53 of which were wides) on their way to a 9 run loss. While our average has obviously stayed at 18.70, they're now on 17.0, meaning we're effectively a game ahead of them. Third-placed Dullingham were also in action, and didn't do much better than Colville, being bowled out for 84 by Needingworth, who won by 6 wickets. As a result Dullingham's average is down to 13.60, and Cambourne II are now up to third, with 14.1. However even if Cambourne win the remainder of their games they can only get to 221 leage points and an average of 15.79, and even if we lose three of our four remaining games (but get 5 bonus points each time) we'll have 222 points and an average of 15.86. The bottom line is: win at least one more game and we'll guarantee promotion back to Junior 3; win at least three more and we'll win the league.

Nicky Mellish (updated: 09/07/2009)

Having suffered from pleurisy last year, Romsey scorer Nicky Mellish was unfortunately admitted to hospital again last night, suffering from back and chest pains. Hopefully it's just a chest infection and not a relapse, but for the moment she's remaining in under observations. We all wish her a quick and speedy recovery so that she can resume her rightful place surrounded by coloured pens, dismissed batsmen and club-sponsored mints.

Possible all-day game (updated: 12/06/2009)

Fancy an all-day or afternoon game against Trinity College, complete with lunch, tea and declarations? If so, then Trinity are up for it, with Tom Woolford (member of both teams) liasing. The probable date is Monday, July 6; please contact Andy if you're interested.

Lucky 13 (updated: 06/06/2009)

For the last few months the venue for our June 13 match against Elsworth II has been "to be arranged". There was talk of moving the game to August 1 or, worse, of playing it on an artificial pitch. But, in a big stroke of luck, Trinity College's Old Fields site (where we played against Cambourne II on June 6) has become available, so that's where we'll be playing on June 13 as well.

Rod's run (updated: 26/04/2009)

As mentioned below, Rod Dennis ran the Silverstone half-marathon a few weeks ago in aid of Beating Bowel Cancer. He ran the 20 km in 2:06:06 and, more importantly raised GBP 1139 for the charity. So a big thank you to all who donated from Rod; and a reminder to those who haven't that they still can via his Just Giving mini-site.

Pre-season games (updated: 21/04/2009)

Our first pre-season game, against NCI on Parker's Piece this Saturday, April 25, will now start at 11:30am, not midday.

Junior Challenge Cup (updated: 20/04/2009)

For the first time in a decade Romsey has entered the CCA's Junior Challenge Cup competition. Played on Sundays, our first match is on May 17, away against Burwell III.

John Hill (updated: 19/04/2009)

Sad news: ex-Fitz groundsman John Hill died last week. The club veterans will remember him well, but for those more recent (read: this decade) recruits we will be forever in his debt after he gave Romsey a home ground at Fitz in the years after leaving Trumpington Rec.

Annual dinner (updated: 19/04/2009)

The Romsey annual dinner took place last night, with a full eleven coming out for an evening of 8 ball (with Andy and Jon dominating) and curry (where Dave and Jon led the field by adding starters to their Kohinoor "Saturday surprise"). The formalities were pretty short and sweet, with Andy handing out the batting award, bowling award, "players' player of the year" trophy and a "thank you" for web-site maintainence . . . all of which, it is embarrassing to report, went to Daniel. After a polite round of applause (led enthusiastically by the restaurant's ebulient head waiter) we finished the last of the wine (yes: wine with curry - what's Romsey Town coming to?) and headed home with the scary thought that our first match (a practice game against NCI on Parker's Piece) was less than a week away.

Romsey 2, Cambridge Jesters 0 (updated: 14/04/2009)

Romsey's already scored its first two victories of the season - well, sort of - as Cambridge Jesters II have, sadly, withdrawn from the League. In theory that means afternoons off on May 30 and July 18, although there's a possibility some other fixtures will get shuffled around, so don't make any plans to visit B&Q just yet.

Annual dinner (updated: 14/04/2009)

Hopefully everybody knows about this already, but in case somebody's slipped through the net: Romsey Town CC's rather low-key annual dinner will be happening this Saturday night, April 18. The format will be roughly the same as our end-of-season night following the year's final match: drinks and 8 ball at Mickey Flynn's from 7:30pm, followed by a curry across the road at Kohinoor restaurant (at 74 Mill Road).

Home venue(s) (updated: 28/02/2009)

Romsey's home games will be spread between Fitzwilliam College's playing fields (on Oxford Road, and presumably familiar to all) and Trinity College's ground on the corner of Grange Road and Adams Road. We were initially down to be playing those games at The Leys School's second ground on Latham Road, but we switched to Trinity the moment the opportunity came up: not only do they have proper changing rooms, but there's also a bar! Oh, and don't forget that all league matches start at 1:30pm this year.

Pre-season matches (updated: 28/02/2009)

Before our season proper starts (with a fixture against Weston Colville II on May 2 we have two practice matches to dust off the cobwebs. The first, at noon on April 25, is a 25-over game against NCI; the second, at 5:30pm on April 29, is a 20-over game against Remnants. In other words both are a perfect chance to strut your stuff without having to deal with the mind-crushing pressure of playing CCA Junior 4.

Nets (updated: 28/02/2009)

Just a quick reminder that nets have, from the start of March, shifted to 9pm on Wednesdays at Fenners.

Rod's run (updated: 23/01/2009)

Rod Dennis will be making a different sort of run on Sunday, March 15, as he takes part in a charity half-marathon at Silverstone in aid of Beating Bowel Cancer, a national charity working to highlight awareness of symptoms and promote early diagnosis of bowel cancer. You can help this cause by logging onto Rod and Shane's Just Giving mini-site and sponsoring him while he does the (literal) hard yards on your behalf.

2009 fixtures (updated: 20/01/2009)

The 2009 season's fixtures are now available, even if there are a lot of question marks for the moment (as it's not clear where we'll be playing our home games). As expected, we've gone down a division to Junior 4 (although in the end it's not completely clear we should have, albeit for subtle reasons that are too complicated to post here quickly), with the result that we're up against mainly unfamiliar teams including, somewhat embarrasingly, Granta's fifths! Anyway, all that's needed now is to mark the days on which you're going to score a century or take a five-for, and we'll be back up in Junior 3 in no time . . .

Access problems (updated: 15/10/2008)

As some of you noticed, the entire web-site was down for the first half of October. The reason was a failed disk just when the Imperial College Astrophysics Group (which kindly hosts the site) was between IT managers. The fact that you're reading this message means the situation has now been fixed; as the problem occured outside the cricket season, the only effect was that you might not have found out about the pool day at Mickey Flynn's (see below).

A different ball game (updated: 15/10/2008)

Andy Owen and Dave Clark will be at Mickey Flynn's from 1:30pm on the afternoon of Saturday, October 18; feel free to drop by if you want to have a few beers and be thrashed at nine-ball by these two hustlers.

Even more last game of the season (updated: 13/09/2008)

Even though there was some talk of a post-season match against NCI, it seemed nothing came of it, and so our season was over. But then, on Saturday, September 13, Andy ran into some NCI players who said that Parker's Piece was booked for a 1pm start the next day, which meant there was about 24 hours to organise a Romsey Town eleven. At the time of writing the team consisted of 2.5 players; hopefully another 8.5 will be found and we'll be able to relive the glories of our two-innings thrashing of NCI a year ago.

Last game of the season (updated: 23/08/2008)

Next week Romsey plays the final match of the season, an ``all or nothing'' encounter with Comberton at Fitzwilliam College, starting at 1:30pm on Saturday, August 30. Afterwards the faithful will be moving on to Mickey Flynn's for beers and nine-ball, probably followed by a late-night snack at The Curry Queen on Mill Road. So now you now.

2008 nets (updated: 26/03/2008)

This should have been posted here ages ago, but, er, I forgot. Anyway, as most of you no doubt know, combined Romsey/Remnants nets are currently at 8pm on Tuesday evenings at Fenner's (on Gresham Road). Despite the lack of a mention on this web-site the turn-out's been very good, although as a warning to any prospective 'keepers Andy Owen managed to dislocate his finger during last week's training session . . .

The mists of time (updated: 23/02/2008)

It's almost as if Tony Robinson's come to Romsey Town to lead his ``time team'' on an archaelogical dig through Andy's archives -- suddenly a club history that didn't extend any earlier than 1991 goes all the way back to, er, 1988! Aside from the newspaper clipping of the club winning the 1988 Marshall Maestros Team Of The Year award that now adorn's the front page we now have a match report from 1990 (nicked from an old copy of The Cambridge Evening News) and, even better, the one surviving copy of The Romsey Town CC Newsletter from the final game of 1994. There may be more to come -- a big pile of admitedly dull-looking club documents is currently protecting my cupboard from dust -- but what would be coolest is if someone has a pile of old newsletters lurking in some long forgotten attic . . .

2008 fixtures (updated: 28/01/2008)

The 2008 fixtures are now available. I'm sure Andy would appreciate it if you contacted him with your availabilities.

Annual dinner (updated: 25/11/2007)

The Romsey Town CC annual dinner has just taken place at The Punter, Cambridge's newest gastro-pub (at least until the next one opens). Given a room to ourselves, and ample quantities of food and drink, a great time was had by all thirteen of us in attendance (commiserations to Dave Clark, who'd gotten sick just at the wrong moment, thus leaving us with the same number as at The Last Supper). Aside from the usual thanks to Andy for keeping the club running smoothly and to Daniel for keeping the world informed about said smooth-running, there were of course the season's real awards to be presented. Andy Owen won the batting award (as he did in 2003, 1998, 1997, 1994, 1992, and probably most of the '80s)) and Russell Woolf won the bowling award (as he did in 2003), but the biggest round of applause of the night was reserved for not for yet another old hand, but for Marcelino Gopal who, in his first season with the club, was a near unanimous winner of the players' player of the year award. After that it was time to, dangerously, go from wine back to beer and then find our way from the scary north side of the river back to the cosy familiariy of Romsey Town.

Annual dinner (updated: 23/10/2007)

The Romsey Town CC annual dinner will be held at 7:30pm (for 8:00pm) on the evening Saturday, November 24 at The Punter, a newish gastro-pub on near the corner of Chesteron Road and Bridge Street. We've booked a largeish room to ourselves and the a la carte meal, part subsidised from club funds after our profitable year, will be GBP 15.00 a head exclusive of drinks.

Picnic in the park (updated: 29/09/2007)

Romsey Town Rec played host to Picnic In The Park on Saturday, September 29, and Romsey Town CC sent down a small contingent to organise a scratch cricket game. Despite the fact that winter seems to have settled distressingly quickly there was a good turn-out, and the match was even won with a six of the final delivery. Afterwards we had a little picnic (complete with a big bottle of Leffe Blond), and also presented a cheque for GBP 310.00 to Terry and Janet Smith from the Little Downham committee of Cancer Research UK.

Arnie Garside, Jon Steele, Daniel Mortlock, Terry Smith (from Cancer Research UK), Andy Owen, Janet Smith (from Cancer Research UK) and Catherine Owen . . . and, right in the middle, a cheque for GBP 310.00 raised at the six-a-side tournament.

End-of-season matches (updated: 03/09/2007)

Even though we've rolled over into September, there are still three more matches to come for season 2007. First there's a small ``thank you'' game for those who participated in the six-a-side tournament, then our final league game against Abington II, and, finally, friendly against NCI on Parker's Piece. For ages this web-site had been claiming that the NCI game was to be on Sunday, September 16; but this is wrong: it will be an all-day game starting at 11:00am on Saturday, September 15. Apologies for the confusion -- and let's just hope the weather holds.

Player histories (updated: 21/08/2007)

With not much to do on a rainy Sunday once the Trysull & Seisdon game was cancelled, there was a chance to waste a bit of time making a web-page for every player who's ever played (in the league) for Romsey Town. They're linked to all the records pages.

Romsey road trip (updated: 18/08/2007)

It's a little late, but for those of the faithful heading off to play against Phil Watson's Trysull & Seisdon Invitational XI, here's a interactive Google map that's centred on the ground. Just zoom out (the ``minus'' symbol at the bottom of the control bar at the left of the map) to find out where this is in relation to the wider world.

Charity golf day in support of FEALD (updated: 03/07/2007)

The Fen Edge Association For Learning Disabled (registered charity 295095) will be hosting a charity golf day on Saturday, September 1, 2007 at The Menzies Hotel, Bar Hill. (and yes, I know Romsey Town has a game that day). The format will be four-ball Stapleford with individual prizes awarded, and you do not need to make up a four to enter -- just contact Rog Shelley on 01954 782178 if you are interested. The first tee teme is 1:30pm and you are asked to arrive an hour before your tee time. The cost if GBP 35.00 and includes 18 holes of golf, a meal, and the prizes, which will be awarded after the meal.

Romsey Town vs. Camden III (updated: 19/06/2007)

The ``to be arranged'' which has been listed as the venue for our June 30 game against Camden has finally been replaced . . . albeit with the slightly ambiguous ``Hills Road'' listed as the venue. This actually refers to Hills Road Sixth Form College's ground that is in the triangle formed by Hills Road, Lond Road and the train line. To get to the ground go down either Luard Road (off Hills Road) or Sedley Taylor Road (off Long Road) and then the ground is . . . um . . . at the end of a little lane or something like that. I'm sure you'll find it.

All-time records (updated: 17/06/2007)

The records section has been updated and, through the wonders of modern technology, will be updated after each game throughout the season.

Six-a-side competition (updated: 10/05/2007)

You've just had one May bank holiday, but it's the second one, on Monday, May 28, that really should get Cambridge's cricketers excited. The reason, of course, is that the fourth annual Charity Six-A-Side Tournament will be held that day. It is, once again, to be held at Fitzwilliam College's sports fields on Oxford Road, and proceedings will kick off at 10:30am, with the first ball to bowled at 11:00am sharp. There'll be plenty of food (including the all-important BBQ), the bar will be open all day and, after the final, there'll be a raffle, the prizes having been donated by local businesses. This year the proceedings will be going in two directions: half to The Fen Edge Association For Learning Disabled (registered charity 295095); and half to Cancer Research UK. Romsey Town will, as hosts, be entering a team, but even if you can't make it for the whole day feel free to drop by, eat a top-quality burger, buy lucky ``orange 54'', and watch your teammates chase even more balls to the boundary than they did against Thurlow last Saturday.

Romsey Town at the World Cup (updated: 20/04/2007)

Really the heading should be ``Romsey Town at the ICC World Cup West Indies 2007'' or whatever the tournament's official name is. And no, our good run of results last July didn't get us a last-minute qualification; rather club stalwarts Ev Fox and Rog Shelley are in attendance at several matches and have taken a massive ``Romsey Town CC'' England flag with them. And now reports are coming in that they (and it) have been spotted in the audience at a number of games, looking decidedly happy despite England's dismal performances so far. They should be at the England vs. West Indies game on Saturday, so if you come home from the pub and switch on the highlights on BBC1, keep an eye out for our men in the Caribbean.

2007 fixtures (updated: 07/04/2007)

The 2007 fixtures are now available, although are few home games are to be played at ``to be arranged'' at the time of writing.

2007 nets (updated: 14/01/2007)

And yet more changes on the nets front: it seems we'll be practising our skills not at Fenner's but at The Leys School, on Trumptington Road, at 7pm on Wednesday evenings, starting on January 17, 2007.

2007 nets (updated: 22/12/2006)

More hassles on the nets front: Fenner's Indoor Cricket School will be closed until January 10, so Romsey's first net session of the year will be at 9pm on Tuesday, January 16, 2007.

2007 road trip (updated: 14/11/2006)

Romsey Town CC has received its first ever Christmas present: Andy's brother Kevin Owen has, on behalf of CI Healthcare, sponsored the club to the tune of GBP 54.00, which neatly covers our league registration fees.

2007 road trip (updated: 14/11/2006)

We've got our first fixture for 2007: a friendly against Trysull & Seisdon (near Wolverhampton) at 1:30pm on Sunday, August 19, 2007. Lest you start thinking that the management have started to organise games at random, there is a connection: this is the new club of Phil Watson (who played a few matches for Romsey this year, as well as being a Remnants regular), and the fixture is his brainchild. So, if you're keen, go out and buy a 2007 diary, mark in August 19 and, just in case you thought you were going to stop there, contact Andy.

The Bothameter (updated: 14/11/2006)

Such has become the magnitude of Andy Owen's charitable activities that they now have a separate web-site, The Bothameter, the name stemming from the fact that his recent efforts have all been in support of that other great all-rounder, Ian Botham, and his work with The Teenage Cancer And Leukaemia Research Trust.

Annual dinner (updated: 13/11/2006)

The Romsey Town CC annual dinner, held at Mezze Bar on Saturday, November 11, was a great success, with over twenty attendees enjoying fabulous Turkish food and drinking in absolute moderation. Before the inebriation process was complete we managed an impromptu AGM, the main result of which was a likely -- but hopefully temporary -- increase in adult match fees from GBP7.00 to GBP10.00 in order to recoup some of the money lost by the previous season's spate of washed-out away games.

There was also the presentation of a number of awards: everyone knew that Tony Desimone had secured his second batting award and Andy Owen his umpteenth bowling award, but there was some suspense about who'd get the players' player of the year award in a season full of individual, as well as team, achievements. In the end new boy Oliver Harris was the deserving, if surprised, winner, but there was also recognition for Tom Jordan who, having nabbed the club's first five-for since 2003, was presented with a framed scorecard to commemorate his achievements. The club's three scorers of nineties could only dream about those few missing runs, although I for one am glad I didn't have to redo four separate scorecards.

The formalities done, it was just a case of sending any surplus desserts in Roger's direction and heading off to Olly's to tease his cats and annoy the neighbours with the superbly amplified sounds of New Order, Faithless and, er, Tiffany . . .

A big thank-you from Andy and Terry (updated: 05/10/2006)

Andy Owen and Terry McKenna thank all those who supported their Twelve-Hour Pool Marathon; for more on this see The Bothameter.

2007 nets (updated: 03/10/2006)

As was the case last year, we'll be having shared net at Fenner's with our mid-week friends, Remnants CC. However our net times aren't quite ideal: from January 9 until March 27 we have the nets for an hour at 9pm on Tuesdays; then, from April 8 until April 30, we have the hour-long slot at 7pm on Monday nights. It would be very useful to get feedback on whether you can make this times or, particularly, if you definitely cannot; and, of course, please contact Andy either way.

2006 annual dinner (updated: 04/10/2006)

The Romsey 2006 annual dinner now has a time (7:30pm for 8:00pm on Satuday, November 11, 2006) and a place (Mezze Bar, a new Turkish Restaurant at 196 Mill Road, a few hundred yards south of the railway bridge opposite Sedgwick Street). The dinner, a combination of Turkish mezze and kebabs, will be GBP12.50 a head (or GBP 14.50 a head with desert, baklava, as well). If Mr Owen hasn't got hold of you yet then, at the risk of being predictable, give Andy a call. Oh, and there'll be pre-dinner drinks and nine ball at Mickey Flynn's from 6pm.

Season 2006 lives on! (updated: 13/09/2006)

Our 2006 season is now not quite over: through a few chance meetings a post-season match between Romsey Town (sort of) and NCI has been organised for 1:30pm on Sunday, September 17, at Parker's Piece. If you would like one last chance to run 'round in your whites before 2007, please contact Andy pronto.

Farewell to season 2006 (updated: 02/09/2006)

Our 2006 season is now over: a combination of four consecutive wins in July and then three wash-outs has seen us once again stay up in Junior 2 for another year, albeit by the skin of our teeth. Roll on '07.

Charity pool marathon (updated: 16/08/2006)

Andy Owen and Terry McKenna will be staging a twelve-hour charity pool marathon from 11am 'til 11pm on Saturday, September 9, at Mickey Flynn's American Pool Hall. The proceeds (from your sponsorship) will be going to The Teenage Cancer Trust and Leukaemia Research, the same charity for which Ian Botham did his most recent walk. All are welcome to attend, and both Andy and Mickey will be accepting challenges during the day (and presumably losing more often as 11pm approaches).

Future Romsey player (updated: 12/08/2006)

Andy Page and his partner have a new addition to the family: Kirwin, a healthy 8 lb, 1 oz baby boy was born on July 29. Congratulations to all concerned (including, of course, Roy Page who's a grandfather, albeit not for the first time).

Romsey vs. England (updated: 26/06/2006)

Romsey's next match (against Ashwell on Saturday, July 1) has been moved from Royston to The Leys School's Latham Road ground in Cambridge. Moreover, the fact that England's World Cup quarter-final against Portugal kicks off at 4pm means that the start time of our game might be moved to 1pm to allow us to watch the football during the tea break. However this is still under discussion, so stay tuned for the final decision . . . which was that we'd just start as normal at 2pm.

Captain courageous (updated: 11/06/2006)

In yesterday's match against Hardwick/Shepreth II captain Andy Owen was hit in the face and rushed off to hospital. He's chipped a tooth and has a badly split lip, but fortunately there's no further bone damage and the prognosis from Addenbrooke's top facial reconstruction surgeon (no less) is that he'll be fine in a few weeks.

Pre-match drinks May 14 (updated: 14/05/2006)

With our first home match coming up this week, we thought we'd utilise the mid-town location (Parker's Piece) to the full by having a pre-match drink and/or lunch at The Regal, the huge Wetherspoons pub on Regent Street.

Six-a-side competition (updated: 03/05/2006)

Once again Romsey Town CC (in conjunction with Remnants CC) will be staging a charity six-a-side competition on the second May bank holiday. It will be held at Fitzwilliam College's sports fields on Oxford Road on Monday, May 29, at 10:30am (for an 11:00am start). All proceeds (team fees, food and drink, raffle tickets, etc.) will be donated to the Cardiac Unit of the Papworth Hosptial.

Annual dinner (updated: 09/02/2006)

The Romsey Town CC annual dinner will be held at 7:30pm (for 8:00pm) Saturday, February 25 at The Alex Pub in Gwydir Street. It will be a three-course meal (priced at GBP14.50 per person, plus drinks), followed by coffee or tea. If you're a club member (as opposed to some random web-surfer, although ``hi'' and ``welcome'' and stuff) then your invite -- complete with voting form for the coveted ``players' player of the year award'' -- should be heading in your direction before too long; if you don't get one then, of course, contact Andy Owen.

The Peter Wilson Sports Injury Clinic (updated: 09/02/2006)

This is just a head's up to let you know that Addenbrooke's hospital offers an ``open access'' clinic for the early treatment of sports injuries. Held at the Cambridge Sports & Exercise Medicine Unit (01223 216969) at Addenbrooke's Hosptial, the clinic is open from 9:00am 'til 10:30am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during term-time, and there is a variety of consultants, doctors and clinicians available to give quick diagnoses and treatment to anyone who's suffered a sporting injury in the preceding 48 hours (i.e., during the time since the previous session).

The clinic is funded by the Wilson Trust (set up in memory of The Daily Mirror sports writer Peter Wilson), with contributions from the NHS and Cambridge Univeristy's colleges as well. There is -- surprise, surprise -- a funding shortfall, however, and donations are welcome (and especially appropriate if you make use of this service) and cheques payable to ``Addenbrooke's Charities (Sports Injuries)'' can be sent to Daniel Mor-- er, no, can be sent to Box 185, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 2QQ.

Mill Road fun day (updated: 14/11/2005)

Romsey Town CC will have a stall at the Mill Road fun day on Saturday, December 3. We'll be based at the Romsey Mill (on Thoday Street, at the Mill Road end) so please drop by, even for half an hour, to try and brainwas-- er, spread the good word about the one true local cricket club for people on the right side of the tracks.

Alex's farewell drinks (updated: 14/11/2005)

Alex Cook's short but memorable (e.g. he was run out in the nineties on debut for the club) association with Romsey Town CC is about to come to an end -- he's moving back to Australia at the end of the year. So on the evening of Saturday, November 26 we're having farewell drinks for him, probably starting at Mickey Flynn's (the big pool hall just north of the railway bridge on Mill Road) and moving on from there. If you can come please contact Andy Owen (or Alex, if you have his number) and make a night of it.

2006 nets (updated: 28/09/2005)

Starting on January 11, 2006, nets will be from 8:00pm 'til 9:00pm on Wednesday evenings at the University Centre for Cricketing Excellence (i.e., Fenner's), on Gresham Road. We will be sharing the facilities with Remnants CC, although with three nets to choose from there should be plenty of room for everyone to injure themselves before the season even begins.

2006 nets (updated: 11/09/2005)

Cricket training (yes, that's right, training -- look it up in a dictionary if need be) will begin early next year: starting on January 11, 2006, we have a part share (with Remnants CC) of three indoor nets from 8:00pm 'til 9:00pm on Wednesday evenings at the University Centre for Cricketing Excellence (i.e., Fenner's), on Gresham Road.

Romsey on the radio (updated: 14/08/2005)

Ev Fox has been using his position as BBC weather forecaster to promote his Cambridge cricket teams, and on the morning of Saturday, August 13, ended up having quite a length discussion with Christopher Martin-Jenkins about Fitzwilliam College, Romsey's sometime home ground. He was also kind enough to provide a two minute MP3 audio file of the conversation as broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

1995 statistics (updated: 01/05/2005)

During (presumably) the Owens' annual spring-clean a few tatty pieces of paper turned up which had the long-lost 1995 averages and so the archive now contains statistics for the 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 seasons (although some results are missing from 2000). Just thought you might like to know.

Annual dinner (updated: 10/04/2005)

The Romsey annual dinner was held on Saturday, April 9, 2005, with pre-dinner drinks and pool at Mickey Flynn's, followed by dinner at Al Casbah (on Mill Road) at 9pm. Twenty-five Romsey members and associates had themselves all the beer, wine and Algerian food money could buy, and the general revelry was interrupted only for a few presentations. Debutantes completely dominated the awards: Alex Cook won the batting (by a country mile) and Joe White took home not only the bowling award but also the ``players' player of the year award'' as well. The one concession to the old guard was the presentation of an impressive cricket-themed fortieth birthday cake to captain Andy Owen. (And no mention will be made of his ridiculous new hairstyle anywhere on this web-site.)

Post-season pool and presentations (updated: 27/09/2004)

From 3pm on Saturday October 9 some of the Romsey Town faithful will be gathering at Mickey Flynn's pool hall for the dual purposes of i) witnessing the great Andy Owen vs. Dave Clark nine-ball match and ii) the final presentation of the GBP 1200 Russell Woolf raised for The Rosie Maternity Hospital's Premrose Neo-Natal Unit. And it would surprise no-one if a curry and a few beers were consumed as the evening wears on . . .

Daniel Baker-Davis (updated: 27/09/2004)

The news stories of late have been a bit ``doom and gloom'', so it's a welcome change to be able to report that Neal and Sharon Baker-Davis are now the proud parents of the superbly named Daniel, who was born in mid-September. Mother, father and son are all doing well and we send them our best wishes.

The dark side of the league (updated: 07/09/2004)

It seems that the CCA Junior League is a rather more vicious world than I'd ever guessed at.

Firstly, the enigmatic phrase ``To be decided by Council'' that appeared in place of an actual score for the Elsworth I vs. St Giles II game played on August 28 seems to be related to some on-pitch violence, at least if The Cambridge Evening News is to be believed. (Now I know I should trust the accuracy of the information in my town's local paper, but given that i) they've been known to claim that Madingley Road is in ``east Cambridge'' and ii) they presumably didn't have a reporter at the game, it seems reasonable to treat their reportage with a grain of salt.) At any rate, the print version of the article suggests that a fight developed after one of the Elsworth batsmen was dismissed by a young St Giles bowler. And it doesn't sound like just harsh words at ten paces given the use of phrases like ``leaving the boy with facial bruising and a cut lower lip'' and ``criminal action pending''.

All that's very interesting, I can hear you say, but what's it doing on the Romsey Town web-site? Well, it turns out that the on-line version of the article includes a photo of a young St Giles bowler (possibly the victim of the above-mentioned attack) sending the ball down to a rather burly-looking batsmen (possibly the perpetrator of the above attack). Except that the batsman is pretty clearly our own Tony Desimone, a fact confirmed by the existence of an uncropped version of the photo which also shows Alex Cook as the non-striker and Geoff Hales umpiring.

I found the full photograph on the extensive Cambridge/St Giles web-site, which also contains plenty of match reports and the like. Their original description of the Elsworth game was very reserved (i.e., someone had wisely decided not to describe the above dramas) but, presumably after the situation had been resolved, a more partisan report appeared. Intrigued by all this I thought I'd have a look to see if the St Giles scribes had anything interesting to say about their matches against us.

And boy did they . . . but note the use of the past tense here: St Giles eventually removed the rather provocative descriptions from their web-site, and by way of burying the hatchet the local copies that were on this web-site have also been removed.

End-of-season Twenty/20 tournament (updated: 26/07/2004)

Romsey has been invited back to Clumber Park, Notts., to participate in a three-way 20-over tournament on Sunday, September 5. Romsey has put in a team for the last three years and a great time has been had by all -- the ground is in a National Trust property and crowds of up to a thousand people have been present in previous years. If you are interested in playing please contact Andy (on 01223 510357).

Ev's fortieth birthday bash (updated: 26/05/2004)

Our favourite BBC celebrity, Everton Fox, invites you all to celebrate his turning forty at what looks set to be a huge party at City Stop, Cambridge City Football Ground, Milton Road, from 7pm on Friday, July 2. Be there (for ``bar and boogie'') or see lots of catches ``accidentally'' dropped off your bowling.

CCA fixtures (updated: 17/03/2004)

The Cambridge Cricket Association (CCA) fixtures for 2004 have now been decided upon; see the fixtures list for further details.

Six-a-side charity tournament (updated: 03/03/2004)

In conjunction with Remnants CC, Romsey will be hosting a six-a-side charity tournament on the bank holiday of Monday, May 31. Eight sides, including representative teams from Remnants, Romsey, Girton and Granta cricket clubs will take part in a single-day tournament (combined with a BBQ and plenty of drinking), all proceeds going to Rosie Maternity Hospital as part of Russell Woolf's well publicised charity weight-loss campaign as recoded on The Russometer.

Annual dinner (updated: 03/03/2004)

The annual dinner was held at The Old Crown in Girton on Saturday, February 28, and was a great success, with fifteen Romsey faithful in attendance. Congratulations particularly to Andy Owen (for winning the batting and players' awards), Russell Woolf (who won the bowling award), Rog Shelley (who was, for the second time, given a ten-year service medal) and Tony Desimone (who received a bottle of champers in recognition of his century in the 2003 season).

The Russometer (updated: 03/03/2004)

Romsey Town stalwart Russell Woolf has begun charity weight-loss campaign; you can check his progress on The Russometer.