Romsey Town Cricket Club

Members of Romsey Town Cricket Club accept the Marshall Maestro's Team Of The Year award for 1988. From left: Dave Allsopp; Colin Freeman; Mike Gale; Dave Britain; Andy Owen; Ian Skidmore; Leno Maruzzi; Alan Burge; Russell Woolf; Phil Bradford; Agha Khan (obscured); and Garry Owen. (From The Cambridge Evening News, September 1988.)

Romsey Town Cricket Club is a small, friendly collection of cricketers based in the Cambridge suburb of the same name. Founded in 1982 by (the late) Michael Owen, the club has gradually worked its way up through the Cambridgeshire Cricket Association (CCA) junior leagues, starting in Division 6 and now generally competing in Division 2 or 3. Highlights along the way included winning Division 6 (and, as can be seen above, the Marshall Maestro's Team Of The Year award) in 1988, winning Division 4 South in 1991, and winning Junior 4B in 2009. In past years we'd also competed in various CCA cup competitions, but nowdays our non-league activities are generally restricted to a couple of friendlies during the year.

This web-site is, in part, an archive for the above history - each season has a link in the navigation bar which has hopefully appeared at the left of this page, and there is also a records section - although its main function is to provide contact information, news updates, and fixtures for the current season.

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