The Bothameter

Ian Botham's greatest cricketing achievements might all have been a few decades ago, but since retiring from the game he's become almost as well known for his charitable walks (and, more dubiously, advertisements for Shredded Wheat). His latest walk, for The Teenage Cancer And Leukaemia Research Trust, took him to Cambridge on Saturday, October 16, 2006, which promted another top all-rounder to swing into action . . .

Terry and Andy coming to the end of their Twelve Hour Pool Marathon.

Andy and a cheque for GBP800 made out to Leukaemia Research (and they even spelled it right).

Andy and Terry, ready to meet the great man.

Terry and Andy present Ian Botham with their impressive (in every sense of the word) cheque -- and no, he's not going to spend it all on pies.