Romsey Town vs. Fulbourn II

13:30, Saturday, May 12, 2018
Trinity College (Old Field)

Fulbourn II (31/2 in 6.3 overs)
Romsey Town
did not reach a result.

Report by Cam Petrie:

The signs were there for Romsey to make a strong start to the 2018 season, with no last-minute calls for players, eleven familiar faces gathering in the Old Field home changing room well in time for our 1.30 pm start, and being somewhat spoiled for choice when it came to choosing bowlers to get things started when Fulbourn II kicked off their innings. Nonetheless, most of us had also kept at least one eye on the weather forecast, which was set for "dire" (i.e., 80-90% chance of rain) from 2pm onwards, and so it proved to be as we didn't even manage 30 minutes of play.

Light drizzle was already falling when Deaglan Bartlett (2/13 off 3.3 overs) and Jeff Beaumont (0/8 off 3 overs) loosened the shoulders and set about finding a teasing line. It felt a little like a few of us were trying to remember how to play cricket (e.g., actually running to chase balls hit through the infield, actually throwing the ball back to the bowler on the full, etc.), but in the fifth over we snaffled our first wicket (off a fairly egregious full toss that was lofted to Stefan van Erden at mid-on), and also a second in the seventh over (a much more promising LBW that couldn't be anything other than out). By that stage, however, the rain had started in earnest, and we dashed off to get the covers in place, and that was pretty much that, as we watched the rain come down, tucked into Denise and Andy's tea, and then called it a day. Although they trundled along to 31/2, the Fulbourn umpires had decided on a fairly limited interpretation of the width appropriate for a wide outside off, and that accompanied by a few shooters that beat everyone meant that our sundries were the top scorer with 15.