Romsey Town vs. Bassingbourn I

13:30, Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bassingbourn I (245/4 in 40 6-ball overs)
Romsey Town (211/9 in 40 6-ball overs)
by 34 runs.

Scorer's award:
1 point: Nick Clarke (75 off 57 balls)
0.5 points: Rod Dennis (43 off 71 balls; 1 catch)

Romsey bowled first and started brilliantly, with Oliver Rex (0/16 from 7 overs) and Andy Owen (0/5 off his first 5 overs) hyper-economical. But then Bassingbourn's big hitter, having gotten a bit lucky early in his innings, started smashing the ball all over - and, indeed, out of - the park. The result was some horrible bowling figures and yet another member of the "teams who have scored at more than a run a ball against Romsey" club.

Undaunted, Rod Dennis (43 off 71 balls) and Nick Clarke (75 off 57 balls) took brilliantly to the task of matching Bassingbourn's effort, and by drinks had taken us precisely half-way to victory: the score was a neat 123/0 after 20 overs. Unfortunately it all went wrong immediately afterwards (and, unlike in the Camden game, we can't blame our post-break malaise on any spiked drinks, as we'd brought them out ourselves). We lost 4 wickets for just 1 run, after which we were - yawn - reduced to batting for points. Andy Owen (13 off 36 balls), Roy Page (12 off 28 balls), Ferdi Rex (15 off 10 balls) and Marcelino Gopal (22* off 18 balls) did at least manage to take us past 200, but our second 20 overs of 88/9 made a stark contrast with the first half of the innings.