End-of-season match

Wednesday, September 5, 2007
Fitzwilliam College

Andy Owen, attempting to combine two of his favourite hobbies.

As a thank you to all those who contributed to six-a-side tournament, a very casual end-of-season match was organised, with representatives from all six participating teams appearing for either Dave Norman's XI or Andy Owen's XI.

Daniel Mortlock in his new protective umpiring gear.

Dave's XI batted first and hit a winning total thanks to their two openers (from Cambridge Granta), both of whom retired upon reaching 35 and then reappeared at the end when the rest of the side was dismissed. The most remarkable performance, however, was by Catherine Owen, still too young to play league cricket, but accurate enough to take 2/1, finishing the innings by dismissing one of the said openers.

The younger of the Granta openers prepares to smack another effortless boundary.


Sophie Norman, about to follow in her dad's footsteps in senior cricket (by being bowled by an Owen).

Andy Owen's XI then promptly collapsed as Remnants spearhead Joe White attacked under the cover of darkness. Joe's first wicket came about 'cos the batsman couldn't see the ball; but then he changed to leg-spin and got two more. From there on there was no competition as Dave's XI won by some 60+ runs.

``. . . and I shall call him Mini-Me!'' Richard ``Beard'' Naisby and his greatest creation sharing a pint of his second greatest creation.

Andy Owen, about to try a bit of public speaking.

After that it was time to get to work on the seemingly endless supplies of beer (a keg of The Milton Brewery's Augustus ale) and hot dogs (courtesy of Rog Shelley once again, albeit sadly sans his fetching apron). There was a brief break in the eating when a cheque for GBP 310.00 was presented to a representative of The Fen Edge Association For The Leanring Disabled, together with an additional presentation of GBP 100.00 that was raised just from this evening. And then, of course, it was back to showing the keg who was boss.