Romsey Town vs. Hardwick/Shepreth II

Saturday, August 12, 2006
The Leys School


After our scarcely believeable run of four wins on the trot, today was a chance to consolidate our position in the middle of the Junior 2 league table. A victory over Hardwick/Shepreth II (currently in the relegation zone with Royston II) might have seen us move past Bassingbourn into fifth spot, and would have all but guaranteed our place in the league for next year. And whilst we did lose to Hardreth earlier in the year, it was with a disastrously undermanned side that got even smaller when Andy saved an otherwise certain boundary with his lip, so today was also our chance to play them on a more equal footing with eleven against eleven.

That, at least, was the state of things on Friday evening; by Saturday morning a night of persistent rain had seen Shepwick's first team's game cancelled and Cambridge surrounded by a damp greyness. The prospect of playing a strengthened opposition on an a sticky wicket was suddenly not so appealing, but that's exactly what was on the cards as late as midday, for it was only then that The Leys School's groundsman finally called the game off.

Assuming all the other league games were also cancelled, this won't have changed our position in the league table, although the weather certainly hasn't done us any favours this year, our three no-results all coming against the three side who are below us. Then again, the same table also reveals that we lost all our completed ``first round'' matches and, so far, have won all our return fixtures. So maybe we'll just be able to romp to comfortable victories over three top-four sides as our season comes to a close . . .