Romsey Town vs. Helions Bumpstead

Saturday, July 2, 2005
Helions Bumpstead

Helions Bumpstead (258/9; 40 overs)
Romsey Town (147 all out; 36.3 overs)
by 111 runs.

After missing out on our away match at the charming Helions Bumpstead ground earlier in the season, we had our home fixture against them today . . . but, due to the lack of pitches in Cambridge, ended up playing at Helions afterall. That the Bumpsteaders let us use their pitch was generous enough (although, being a rather strangely sloped ground, this would doubtless confer some homeground advantage), but what was even kinder was that they both provided the teas and then refused any payment for them. Most appreciated.

What wasn't appreciated, of course, was being thrashed again. The scoreline makes for familiar reading -- both totals were a bit bigger than usual, but the margin of 111 runs certainly fits in nicely with our previous three defeats by 93, 108 and 58 runs. There was the usual litany of dropped catches and poor strokes; for more detail just consult any of the previous three match reports and change the name of the opposition as appropriate.