2003 annual dinner

The 2003 annual dinner was actually held in 2004 (somehow quite a Romsey Town touch), on Saturday, February 28, at the Old Crown in Girton. The only complaints about the evening were predictable over-eating, although sadly no-one got sufficiently drunk to behave embarassingly.

The formalities were brief, and largely connected to the handing out of various awards. From season 2003 Russell Woolf won the bowling award and then Andy Owen had the tried to avoid the awkwardness of giving himself the batting and players' award. Tony Desimone got a champagne bottle for his century in the match against Harlton, and there were also ``ten year'' awards for Arnie Garisde and the absent Alfie Wilmshurst.

There's not too much to say beyond that -- you should have come along if you'd wanted to know more -- but below are some photots of the evening for your perusal.