Remnants vs. Linton II

Saturday, June 16, 2001
Emmanuel College

Match cancelled.

And so the weather robbed us of our first home game of the season -- as I write the sky is dark grey, the ground is sodden and the world is a miserable place as we should be about twenty overs into the first innings. In some ways the wash-out was handy: we'd have had just nine and a half players today (due to Flo's stag weekend and the bumps) although Linton Village hasn't had a great deal of success this year. So far we've had easy wins against two of the weaker teams, wash-outs against two of the mid-table teams, and losses against the two top teams. However in one case the margin was inflated as we were a bowler short, and in the other we probably would have won if it wasn't our first match (the opposition having not been so cursed by the weather early on). So a reasonable start to things, but we all really would rather play than not.