Romsey Town vs. Abington I

Saturday, June 19, 1993

Romsey Town (91 all out in 37.3 6-ball overs)
Abington I (87 all out in 34 6-ball overs)
by 4 runs.

An abject batting performance by Romsey Town saw us stumble to 91 all out in 37.3 unenjoyable overs. The combination of the deadly Abington bowling and the treacherous Trumpington wicket was too mcuch for our batsmen, with seven of them perishing for 6 or less. Ken Clarke (13) managed more then twice that, but the real stand-out was Russell Woolf (32), who made over a third of our score.

There was no way we could defend such a meagre total . . . except that, in fact, we could! Rog Shelley (4/21), Kaluwa Khawaja (3/13) and Andy Owen (2/19) found bowling every bit as much fun as the Abington bowlers had earlier, and somehow we ran out winners by 4 precious runs.